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Lesley & Mike: July 2018

I just had to write and say that your company is so wonderful to work with! Everything turned out OK this morning and he said we had nothing to worry about. It was nice visiting with him...he really is a sweetheart. We just wish more businesses were run like yours!

Have a great summer!

Heidi : October 2017

I am thrilled with the results of my basement waterproofing and know the value added from my investment will pay off for a very long time. My basement is dry as a bone, beautiful and smell-free even after these heavy, heavy rains we’ve experienced in the past few months. 

I cannot recommend your services enough. It is very comforting to know WBS is locally owned and that you are available at any time if I have a question or a problem. You and David are amazingly professional, prompt, reliable and courteous. You stand behind your work, do exactly what your say you will do, arrive on time and finish work on schedule. David is impeccably neat and tidy when he works, and when he notices things I don’t know about, offers his advice and gives me information regardless of benefit to the business. 

I chose WBS because you offered exactly the same services as other waterproofing companies, but your pricing was easier to understand, you offered better equipment, didn’t try to up-sell me on items I did not need, and I knew exactly who was going to do the work from start to finish. Wet Basement Solutions is a throwback to the days when businesses were built on reliability and integrity. I am a very happy customer. 

JoAnne : October 2017

I recently had my basement waterproofed by Wet Basement Solutions and was quite
impressed. They were very professional; knew exactly what needed to be done; and were nice people as well. My contractor was impressed not only by the quality of work they did, but by the quality of the materials they used as well. They started the job when they said they would, always arrived on time, and didn’t tack on any extra charges. I also like the lifetime guarantee! I will not hesitate to recommend them to neighbors and friends. Actually I already have.

Debra : September 2017

As a prior customer of Wet Basement Solutions, it was an easy decision to call them again to ensure my current battery backup sump pump system was still the best option for my home and to repair cracks in my foundation. David arrived as scheduled, listened to and addressed my concerns, offered up viable solutions/recommendations, and provided fast and efficient service at the agreed upon time and price. I would use them again and will continue to recommend them to anyone needing their services.

Franck : September 2017

As two elderly baby boomers who have been dealing with an intermittent water issue in our basement for over twenty years now, and having approached the issue in other ways, mostly from outside the basement, in the past, it was gratifying to resolve our water problem effectively with a minimum of disruption, with qualified tradesmen providing prompt and timely service. Wet Basement Solutions (namely Amy, Tim and David), did the repair work on our basement as contracted for. They did the work efficiently and they took pride in doing that work neatly and well.  They were happy to answer our questions along the way and they were smart in doing the appropriate following up. Carol and I give them an unqualified thumbs up!  We will recommend them to our friends and our neighbors and acquaintances as occasions arise.  Thank you, Wet Basement Solutions. 

Dave : August 2017

A Difficult Job Done Right, Done Well

My property in New London has two ranches connected by a garage. There are full basements in both connected by a stairwell area. The property became saturated due to changes in drainage by construction nearby. It is now like basements in a swimming pool. The hydrostatic pressure forced water in the basements constantly. French drains are no help for this. This is the ultimate test for Wet Basement Solutions, LLC. Dave endured the trial of convincing an engineer that he had the right solution. He knows the science of what he is doing, and he is motivated by a sincere desire to help others eliminate their problem with a product he truly believes in. It is not a job for him. It is a mission and he executes it with his terrific crew, taking care and going the extra mile to get it done right the first time. Most work I’ve had done on this property was poorly done with the expectation of repeat visits as a business model. Dave wants to disrupt your schedule one time only and leave you pleased every time you enter your dry basement after that. I am very pleased every single time I see the work Wet Basement Solutions has done for me. I highly recommend the company, the products, the crew, and the man, Dave Szymkiewicz, current owner of Wet Basement Solutions, LLC.