Basement Waterproofing

How To Waterproof A Basement

Most water enters basement from hydrostatic pressure at floor/ wall joint or up thru floor cracks.  To relieve this pressure a drain is installed sub- floor around perimeter and drained into sump pit.

Typically, the basement waterproofing installation process is as follows:

  • The inside perimeter of the floor is cut about 10 inches from the wall. A trench is excavated and cleared of all debris.
  • The lowest course of block is drilled at every core pocket to release and remove the entrapped water. This step is not necessary with field stone or poured concrete walls
  • The Flat-Track or Quick-Flo drain is laid in the trench and pitched towards the sump pit(s). A cove base specific to your foundation is installed against the wall. All subfloor voids are then filled with ¾” washed gravel.
  • A vapor barrier is installed over the excavated trench and the floor is re-cemented to its original level.
  • The water is then discharged away from the house to a small drywell with a  bubble pot. and freeze guard.

We also waterproof stone foundations using a insulation and vapor barrier

We have discovered the very best waterproofing products because our warranty holds us responsible.

  • Flat-Track & Drain-Eze - Helping your basement become a comfortable living area.
  • Quick-Flo  - pvc channel that goes sub floor draining into sump liner.
  • Sump Liners - For ground water control.

All work performed comes with a lifetime transferable warranty. All our work is fully licensed and insured. A list of area references is available upon request.

For information pertaining to your specific situation, please call us to arrange for a FREE inspection and estimate with a Wet Basement Solutions Waterproofing representative. 866-535-4492